Storrington Bowling Club

Men's Honours

2017/18Pauline Bain
2016/17C. Walter
2015/16J. Wormull
2014/15D. Ogley
2013/14D. Ogley
2012/13D. Ogley
2011/12D. Ogley
2010/11D. Ogley
2009/10M. Roberts
2006/07Ann Jerrard
2005/06Ann Jerrard
2004/05Roy. R. Smith
2003/04Roy. R. Smith
2002/03C.R. Pettet
2001/02C.R. Pettet
2000/01R.E. Herman
1999/00R.E. Herman
1998/99R.E. Herman
1997/98P.A. Murphy
1996/97P.A. Murphy
1995/96R.J. Streeter
1994/95R.J. Streeter
1993/94C.P. Dalton
1992/93C.P. Dalton
1991/92S.C. Ridge
1990/91S.C. Ridge
1989/90T. Grimwood
1988/89T. Grimwood
1987/88T. Grimwood
1986/87T. Grimwood
1985/86T. Grimwood
1984/85N. Davies
1983/84R.T. Capewell
1982/83J. Chelton
1981/82A. Knagg
1980/81S.J. Thomson
1979/80A.P. Farrant
1978/79W.R. Spooner
1977/78A.L. Wake
1976/77M.F.R. White
1974/75L.G. Wickens
1973/74A.L. Wake
1972/73A.L. Wake
1971/72J.M. Maurice
1970/71J.M. Maurice
1969/70J.M. Maurice
1968/69J. Turner
1967/68J. Turner
1966/67J. Turner
1965/66A.L. Wake
1964/65A.L. Wake
1963/64R.D. East
1962/63H.N. Best M.B.E.
1961/62H.N. Best M.B.E.
1960/61H.N. Best M.B.E.
1959/60W.J. Dodd
1958/59W.J. Dodd
1957/58P.A. Cragg
1956/57P.A. Cragg
1955/56P.A. Cragg
1954/55P.A. Cragg
1953/54N.N. Marsh
1952/53Lt.Col. H. Ravenscroft J.P.
1951/52Lt.Col. H. Ravenscroft J.P.
1950/51Lt.Col. H. Ravenscroft J.P.
1949/50Lt.Col. H. Ravenscroft J.P.
1948/49Lt.Col. H. Ravenscroft J.P.
1947/48Lt.Col. H. Ravenscroft J.P.
1946/47Lt.Col. H. Ravenscroft J.P.
1945/46Lt.Col. H. Ravenscroft J.P.
1944/45Lt.Col. H. Ravenscroft J.P.
1943/44Lt.Col. H. Ravenscroft J.P.
1942/43Lt.Col. H. Ravenscroft J.P.
1941/42Lt.Col. H. Ravenscroft J.P.
1940/41Lt.Col. H. Ravenscroft J.P.
1939/40Lt.Col. H. Ravenscroft J.P.
1938/39Lt.Col. H. Ravenscroft J.P.
1937/38Lt.Col. H. Ravenscroft J.P.
1936/37Lt.Col. H. Ravenscroft J.P.
1935/36Lt.Col. H. Ravenscroft J.P.
1934/35Lt.Col. H. Ravenscroft J.P.
1933/34Lt.Col. H. Ravenscroft J.P.
1932/33Lt.Col. H. Ravenscroft J.P.
1931/32Lt.Col. H. Ravenscroft J.P.
1930/31Lt.Col. H. Ravenscroft J.P.
1929/30Lt.Col. H. Ravenscroft J.P.
1928/29Earl Winterton MP
1927/28Earl Winterton MP
1926/27Earl Winterton MP
1925/26Earl Winterton MP
1924/25Earl Winterton MP
1923/24Earl Winterton MP
1922/23Earl Winterton MP
1921/22Earl Winterton MP
2017/18J. Rimmer
2016/17J. Rimmer
2015/16D. Ogley
Mens Captain
2017/18D. Larcombe
2016/17G. Page
2015/16G. Page
2014/15P. Leatherbarrow
2013/14C. Walter
2012/13C. Walter
2011/12R. McBeth
2010/11R. McBeth
2009/10D. Ogley
2008/09D. Ogley
2007/08D. Ogley
2006/07J. Rimmer
2005/06J. Rimmer
2004/05P. Brooker
2003/04P. Brooker
2002/03M. Roberts
2001/02M. Roberts
2000/01F. Francksen
1997/98C.R. Pettet
1996/97C.R. Pettet
1995/96T.E. Gill
1994/95T.E. Gill
1993/94R.J. Streeter
1992/93R.J. Streeter
1991/92L.M. Bell
1990/91L.M. Bell
1989/90D. Harrison
1988/89D. Harrison
1987/88H. Spencer
1986/87H. Spencer
1985/86H. Spencer
1984/85D. Joyce
1983/84D. Joyce
1982/83J.A. Cooper
1981/82R.T. Capewell
1980/81R.T. Capewell
1979/80A.M. Ohara
1978/79R.T. Capewell
1977/78V.A. Rouse
1976/77V.A. Rouse
1975/76J.G. Youngman
1974/75W.R. Spooner
1973/74W.R. Spooner
1972/73W.R. Spooner
1971/72W.R. Spooner
1970/71W.R. Spooner
1969/70W.R. Spooner
1968/69W.R. Spooner
1967/68A.L. Wake
1966/67A.L. Wake
1965/66A.L. Wake
1964/65A.L. Wake
1963/64W.G. Butt
1962/63W.G. Butt
1961/62J.M. Maurice
1960/61J.M. Maurice
1959/60R.W. Bunday
1958/59R.W. Bunday
1957/58R. Sumner
1956/57J. Turner
1955/56J. Turner
1954/55Maj. P.W. Lynch
1953/54Maj. P.W. Lynch
1952/53R.D. East
1951/52W.J. Dodd
1950/51W.H. Wicker
1949/50W. Williams
1948/49W. Williams
1947/48R.D. East
1946/47P.A. Cragg
1945/46P.A. Cragg
1944/45W.A. Edwards
1943/44W.A. Edwards
1942/43C.K. Ledger
1941/42C.K. Ledger
1940/41C.K. Ledger
1939/40C.K. Ledger
1938/39C.K. Ledger
1937/38G.A. Sumner
1936/37G.A. Sumner
1935/36G.A. Sumner
1934/35A.J. Lee
1933/34A.J. Lee
1932/33A.J. Lee
1931/32G.A. Sumner
1930/31G.A. Sumner
1929/30G.T. Smith
1928/29G.T. Smith
1927/28T.A. Carew Gibson
1926/27T.A. Carew Gibson
1925/26T.A. Carew Gibson
1924/25T.A. Carew Gibson
1923/24T.A. Carew Gibson
1922/23T.A. Carew Gibson
1921/22T.A. Carew Gibson
Mens Champion
2015/16I. Younger
2014/15I. Younger
2013/14D. Ogley
2012/13A. Ackerman
2011/12A. Ackerman
2010/11A. Ackerman
2009/10A. Ackerman
2008/09T. Reeves
2007/08A. Ackerman
2006/07A. Ackerman
2004/05A. Ackerman
2003/04P. Newman
2002/03P. Halewood
2001/02A. Ackerman
2000/01C. Owen
1999/00I. Younger
1998/99T.J. Crispin
1997/98R.W. Bishop
1996/97R.W. Bishop
1993/94H. Spencer
1987/88G.E. Gerrard
1986/87R.Adm. K.G.Ager CB
1985/86G.E. Gerrard
1984/85G.E. Gerrard
1983/84R.T. Capewell
1982/83G.E. Gerrard
1981/82L.D. Hamilton
1980/81L.D. Hamilton
1979/80F.G. Quinn
1978/79G.E. Gerrard
1977/78G.E. Gerrard
1976/77G.E. Gerrard
1975/76L.G. Wickens
1973/74L.G. Wickens
1972/73L.G. Wickens
1971/72A.L. Wake
1969/70J.M. Maurice
1968/69L.E. Cross
1967/68L.E. Cross
1966/67W.R. Spooner
1965/66W.G. Butt
1964/65F. King
1963/64W.R. Spooner
1962/63L.H. Mead
1961/62R.D. East
1960/61R.D. East
1959/60E.E. Mortimer
1958/59J.M. Maurice
1957/58L.H. Mead
1956/57J.M. Maurice
1955/56J. Turner
1954/55W.E. Crockford
1953/54L.H. Mead
1952/53J. Turner
1951/52J.M. Maurice
1950/51W. Martin
1949/50E.R. Huffer
1948/49A.C. Greenfield
1947/48W. Martin
1946/47W.E. Crockford
1945/46W.E. Crockford
1944/45L.G. Wickens
1943/44J. Page
1942/43H. Lillywhite
1941/42E.W. Daley
1940/41H. Lillywhite
1939/40G.A. Sumner
1938/39W.A. Fox
1937/38G.A. Sumner
1936/37G.A. Sumner
1935/36W.A. Fox
1934/35G.A. Sumner
1933/34A.J. Lee
1932/33F.R. Huffer
1931/32F.R. Huffer
1930/31H. Lillywhite
1929/30A.J. Lee
1928/29F.R. Huffer
1927/28T.A. Carew Gibson
1926/27Capt. J. Hibbert
External Honours
2010/11I. YoungerW&DBA Jaques Cup Winner
2010/11I. Younger & D. OgleyW&DBA Pairs Winners
2009/10R. PettetPresident S.C.B.A Centenary Year
2008/09G. RudgeMichael Newth Trophy
2007/08A. AckermanW&DBA Jaques Cup Champion of Champions
2007/08D. BainS.C.B.A Secretary
2006/07A. AckermanSussex C.B.A Unbadged Singles Winner
2006/07A & J. AckermanW&DBA Summer Cup Mixed Pairs Winners
2005/06I. YoungerW&DBA Jaques Cup Champion of Champions
2003/04Storrington BCDivision 2 Winners
2003/04D. & P. Bain/ R. Bishop & A. JerrardSussex Mixed Fours Runners Up.
1999/00P.A. MurphyPresident S.C.B.A
1997/98Storrington BCDivision 2 Winners
1992/93G.Rudge & P. BainW&DBA Mixed Pairs Champions
1991/92G. RudgeW&DBA Jaques Cup Champion of Champions